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With an indispensable link between inner and outer beauty, we show our responsibility  for the aesthetics and the health of our users.

Oolaboo strives to be a leader in the development of safe and valuable nutrients, nourishing our skin and hair form within, in cooperation with – nutrition based – high concentrated and effective cosmetics for out outside.

Our love for humans, animals, the environment and the best possible cooperation with our partners worldwide constitute our main principles.


procuten oolaboo in Lukx Amsterdam

“Ever since our establishment in 2011, Oolaboo has been an expert in skin care. In 2013 we also started a luxury range of hair care products.

All our products have been developed based on recent scientific insights and quality requirements and are well-considered combinations of top quality ingredients with great respect for our skin, hair and health.

This makes Oolaboo one of the few professional suppliers offering a complete skin and hair care range under the same brand name.”

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